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Over-easy vs Over-medium


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Over-easy vs Over-medium

ziggylu | Nov 25, 2006 09:52 PM

Help me out here please....

I used to cook in a small deli. We did breakfast and lunch. Before working there I didn't have any experience cooking breakfast professionally and learned on the job. Over easy I also put out still very runny and yellow, over-medium went out golden and more of a thicker oozing... but still liquid. Over-well went out golden and set, not runny anymore. Hard went out well hard...not gold, but yellow and solid. Usually yolk broken as requested.

I rarely had orders returned and often had comments that people liked the mornings I cooked as they got their eggs how they liked them. So I figured I must be on the right track.

Myself, I only in the past year began eating my eggs anything but scrambled or over hard. After years of aversion to a liquid yolk I've come to appreciate how well it goes with certain items (particularly mexican breakfasts and salads) and have taken to ordering my eggs either poached or over-medium.

Ok poached is easy and easy to identify when wrong. But when I order over-medium I'm trying to get them the way I used to cook them - a golden color, runny but thicker. More often than not I get solid yolks - golden but solid. What I would personally consider well done.

Am I ordering wrong or they not cooked right? I don't like to send them back since they're still fine to eat but I'd like to get them the way I like them. I don't like them over-easy because at least the way I used to make them that's not cooked enough for my taste. Should I be ordering them differently?

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