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Easy meat recipes for vegetarian to entertain with

arugala | Oct 16, 201107:35 AM

Since I don't cook a lot of meat (I cook fish) and the one time I tried to cook chicken it was a failure beyond failures (baby chicken that would not turn white from pink and appeared raw while my husband ate it despite being in the oven forever), I need help in getting a dish together for my in laws. I need a recipe where you handle the meat very little and it comes out great. A let-the-ingredients-speak-for-itself type of recipe. I know this will probably cost me kindly, as they do.

MIL: Favorites are italian, chicken and (maybe) pork (as in, pork chops), simple food. Likes sweet potatoes, anything parmigiana. Probably likes cooked basil more than fresh type of gal. Dislikes: things that could be seen as exotic, new flavors, any asian (indian, thai, chinese could fly if very very mild). Doesn't like potatoes, mashed or otherwise.

FIL: Health nut, loves fish, will eat anything, with emphasis on health and fresh foods. He definitely will eat cheese, and seems to enjoy it, but he often speaks of how it's the epitome of bad health, clogging arteries, etc.

I've seen roasts on tv where they take the meat, tie it up, sear it, bake it, and slice. Something like that where I don't actually have to handle the meat too much would be great- then just need to come up with a good, crunchy fresh salad counterpart for myself and FIL. Bonus points for any menu with fish AND meat that isn't too fussy.

Thanks so much! I thought I'd do a trial run today if I get any good ideas. I apologize if this has been asked before, did a search and could not find.

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