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eastern noodle review (comparisons w/ sheng wang/super taste)


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eastern noodle review (comparisons w/ sheng wang/super taste)

wvgirl | Feb 22, 2006 02:09 PM

finally made it over to eastern noodle today! :) my tasting buddy and i ordered these:
1)oxtail with hand pulled noodles
2)pork bone with hand pulled noodles
3)peanut butter noodles

these were exactly the same dishes we had ordered at sheng wang. both soups came with a few stalks of mustard greens (?), a little fermented cabbage, and two small portions of shiitake mushrooms. same broth for both.

the pork bones were cut just like sheng wang, lengthwise to maximize marrow consumed :) the broth was ok, definitely not as flavorful at sheng wang (pork bone) or as 'smoky' as the sheng wang oxtail. i was looking around for some white pepper to add a kick :)

the noodles, though, were perfect--just chewy enough, and not too soft, even though i let them sit for a few minutes before eating. i noticed that although someone was hand pulling the noodles, when they prepared our dishes, they would take a 'coil' of noodles from the refrigerator and throw them in the pot. so perhaps that's why they don't get as mushy, and are much tastier.
(sidebar: in my sheng wang review, i said that their noodles started out chewy, but softened up at the end. eastern's noodles stayed a perfect chewiness)

peanut butter noodles: eh. still salty, which i like, but i would rank these at the bottom. it is missing the creaminess of the super taste peanut butter--pretty watery sauce.

we finished with a long stick fried dough :)

since it has been a few weeks since super taste(we went to sheng wang last time), our next visit is back to super taste to make sure our observations/comparisons still hold true.

overall, i would take the hand pulled noodles from eastern, the broth from sheng wang, and the peanut butter noodles from super taste. then a long nap :)

btw, eastern is $1-$1.50 cheaper than super taste/sheng wang. also, sheng wang has this really TASTY lemon/lime bottled iced tea that i totally recommend... been trying to find it at stores in chinatown...

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