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East Coast Hound Honeymoon

Aravisea | Mar 26, 2011 06:44 PM

My fiance and I are wrapping up a very pleasant overall but disappointing meal-wise extended weekend to a B&B in Staunton, VA. (We live in DC.) Of the last three nights of meals, only a few dishes are memorable. We're planning our wedding and honeymoon for late June, and would like to be wowed on that trip!

We're thinking a B&B in a pretty, scenic location (not in a downtown area) with reasonable proximity to a week's worth of truly great, hound-approved restaurants would be an awesome honeymoon. We're not vegetarians and ethnic food is A-OK. Beaches not required. We will travel anywhere on the East Coast, from Maine to Florida. DC, obviously, is home and thus out of the question. :)

Any suggestions for where to look?

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