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What on Earth is a Fresh Ham Hock?


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What on Earth is a Fresh Ham Hock?

pilinut | Oct 4, 2006 07:11 PM

Yes, I've checked earlier posts on the Board, but aside from a seeming consensus that the hock is the piece above the pig's foot, but below the shank, and that fresh means "not smoked", confusion still reigns. (In my mind at least.)

Think about it: "fresh" seems to mean "not frozen" and "not smoked." Shouldn't that mean "not cured", too? But what does "ham" mean? Isn't ham cured and sometimes smoked, too? In which case it isn't "fresh". So does "ham" simply mean "pork"? If so, why does the recipe say "ham hock"?

The reason I'm asking is I'm planning a cassoulet. I've made it with both fresh pork foot and smoked ham hock. I didn't care for the smoked ham hock result, so I can see why smoked is out. But what is a "fresh ham hock"?

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