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dylan prime: last night's dinner review


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dylan prime: last night's dinner review

brett t | Jan 24, 2005 11:39 AM

My fiancee and I braved the weather and went to Dylan Prime last night for my birthday. I didn't know where we were going until we arrived so I was pretty excited when I found out.


Parmesan wrapped Caesar salad: Mediocre. The dressing was good as were the romaine leaves, but the crisped parmesan was greasy and overpowering (thankfully it's in one piece so you can discard it/hide it under the table/huck it at your partner with great ease) and the croutons were boring. Not sure exactly why it's called "parmesan wrapped".

Salmon Tartare with pickled mustard seeds, horseradish and avocado: Delicious. The salmon and horseradish with the surprisingly subtle mustard seeds was perfect. The avocado is limey so it's a nice palate cleanser.


Rib Eye: I loved this steak. It had a good amount of fat around the edges which is just how I like it. I ordered it with the black truffle beurre blanc sauce which is a waste because the steak tastes best alone. I expected the sauce to be more truffly as well.

11 oz filet: very good as well. Somehow the waitress talked my fiancee into the 11 ouncer which of course was too much for her. She ordered the Herb Bearnaise which again made these excellent cuts of meat taste worse.


Asparagus: Good as you would expect.
French fries: Very good. Although I felt that they were at just about the perfect saltiness level, I would have preferred they had not been salted as much or at all so I could have salted at the table (which I think tastes better). They do give you a large amount though.
One side per person seems about right.


Molten Valhrona chocolate cake: The cake itself was excellent although it would have been better if they had heated it a little more. It was served with vanilla ice cream which, while tasty, was much too cold/firm.

Peanut butter ice cream sandwich: Very good. The cookies were good as was the peanut butter ice cream.


This is where my real complaints begin. When we sat down our server bothered us every 5 minutes to see if we were ready to order. Keep in mind that the restaurant was empty last night, it was well before their closing time and we were still studying our menus. Every wine and dish we asked her about was "delicious". I asked her to explain the different cuts of meat (I can never remember except filet) and I wasn't really satisfied that she knew.

I tried a glass of the Cotes-du-Rhone and I wanted to try a different glass so she said "Oh you *have* to try a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon ZD". It's not that big of a deal and I guess I should have asked but I didn't really expect it to be $17 when we got the bill. Most glasses on the menu are under $10.

Other than that, I ordered some earl gray after dinner, she brought it over and poured it immediately even though the tea bag had just been put in.

Maybe it was the sunday night blizzard crew.


The last major complaint is that my fiancee saw a cockroach crawling "away from the kitchen" across the mirror in the women's bathroom. The bathroom and kitchen are next to each other although I must admit that it's a bit dramatic to fault Dylan Prime for which direction the cockroach was headed.

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