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Dying for Love's, Ribs, That Is...


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Dying for Love's, Ribs, That Is...

Grammacancook | Oct 6, 2016 04:05 PM

I was so excited to see the recipe for Love's baby back ribs. It has been haunting me for so many years. I remember going there when the kids were just babies, for a special occasion dinner, just the two of us. No place had that special sauce on their ribs that was so sweet and tangy like Loves. It looked to be semi-clear in color and had these pickling spices containing broken bits of bay leaves, coriander seeds, and other unidentifiable spices. They were sticky, gooey and you just had to lick your fingers to get every bit of that sauce In your mouth. I made the recipe above today, simmered for an hour. It's not as sweet as one would think, but really tangy. I used one third cup of pickling spices and think that may have been a bit too much. When I devided the bulk recipe, it called for one half cup, but another of the exact ingredients called for one forth cup, so I compromized. I'm on my way to the store to get the ribs while the sauce cools. It tastes and looks like the real deal, will let you know how it marries with the ribs after I cook them slowly in the oven, I know, I know, I should be putting them in the bbq but read some where that Loves cooked them that way,,, does any one know different?

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