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Which Dutch cheese is best for melting in my baked penne?

JDAWG | Apr 27, 201509:22 AM

Hello Chowhounders,

In a few days I will be making a baked pasta dish with roasted eggplant, peppers, and sausage, in a light tomato sauce, plus an internal layer, and a topping of melted cheese to provide that ooey-gooey goodness factor.

It's not an uncommon recipe, except for this one item. For a really unusual reason that I won't waste your time on, I must only use Dutch cheese.

I am well aware that not all cheeses melt well, so I want to pick the best Dutch cheese. The only one I know well is Gouda, which I understand is a decent melting cheese. Are there better one's to consider? Are there one's I should avoid? Should I use regular gouda, or smoked gouda?

All help is appreciated.

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