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Dunkin Donuts v. Kripsy Creme - Luke's message from Boston Board


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Dunkin Donuts v. Kripsy Creme - Luke's message from Boston Board

C. Simon (c/o Luke) | Jun 26, 2003 12:23 PM

The Boston area has its first Krispy Kreme, stirring debate among local hounds as to the comparative virtues (or lack thereof) of Kripsy Kreme and their major corporate rival Dunkin Donuts. The following is a message from Luke on the Boston board . . .

Though the lines were (are) still long, finally got a Krispy Kreme yesterday. Now I am not a huge doughnut guy, but they are damn good. The one I had (glazed with chocolate frosting on top) was not warm, I know, that is true nirvana, but it was still real tasty. I am gonna say it, they got Dunkin Donuts beat. This is the thing DD are light, but no me they taste very fake or artificial. KK, though denser and sweeter, tasted almost “natural” (you can actually taste the honey). I think the profits of the two companies sums it up, DD is making a ton on coffee/breakfast sandwiches, etc., KK is making their dough (Ok had to use one pun) of doughnuts. One of these days I’ll get a warm one.

I know cider doughnuts are great, small mom and pop places are fantastic, but lets keep this focused on the mass-produced goodies.

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