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Dunkin D coffee at home


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Dunkin D coffee at home

Florida Hound | Apr 10, 2014 06:48 PM

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee at the Dunkin Donut restaurant, but for years, my efforts to replicate it at home have come up short. I grind my own beans, try different proportions of water, and I get a cup of coffee that is quite good, but not "as good" as at the shop. So instead of just being mildly disappointed with each cup, I've chucked my loyalty and decided other brands are just "as good" if that's all I can expect anyway. I have an ordinary Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker.
To my Chowhound friends and coffee lovers: Is there anything I can do to get closer-closer-closer to DD perfect coffee at home?
(P.S. I have followed some great coffee-themed Chowhound threads for years, and posted my enjoyment of DD and my comments on other brands. Thanks to all for helping me this time around with my search for the perfect Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee!!!)

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