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Best dumplings in Hualien, Taiwan - near Taroko gorge


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Best dumplings in Hualien, Taiwan - near Taroko gorge

global_eater | Aug 30, 2010 03:27 PM

For those that persue food minutia -

We looked for the best dumpling shop "bian shin" in Hualien. The dumplings here are large wontons, served in a fairly uninteresting pork, white pepper broth (better to highlight the dumplings I suppose) with points for silky texture for the dough and a balanced filling.

There are two recommend (by locals we spoke to) dumpling shops in Hualien. My wife & I both speak (barely) passable mandarin -

The standard is Tai Kee Won Ton, which has opened store(s)? in the USA but there is another shop just up the street from them. "Ye Xiang Won Ton" - 42 Sinyi Street, Hualien, Taiwan which we found better.

Ye Xiang Won Ton - pros - silkier texture on the wrappings & more filling in the dumplings & slightly larger servings. I also liked that they served with a porcelain spoon - as opposed to the plastic one at Tai Kee Won Ton - Cons - not a lick of English spoken, so have your language skills honed, also the restaurant is not as "fancy" as Tai Kee Won Ton.

Tai Kee Won Ton - pros - English friendly - cons - wontons not as silky & not as much filling - I didn't notice any appreciable difference in either the quality of the filling or broth in either place.

Both places served in cardboard bowls and appeared to have a similar amount of local's trade.

I'd recommend Ye Xiang Won Ton, but they are only a few blocks apart & if you are in town, you might as well have a bowl at each....I had 2 bowls at each place and was a very happy (and full) man

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