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What to do with duck stock?


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What to do with duck stock?

Margo | Jan 2, 2004 08:56 AM

I made stock from the remains of our Christmas dinner, which is pretty tasty if a bit salty (see below). I have a few ideas about what I might do with it (risotto, cook lentils in it), but this is such a rare event that I'm reluctant to experiment too wildly. What have you all done with duck stock?

Re. saltiness. The local supermarket has only one brand of duck available, which seemed fine until I started rendering some fat from the trimmings and noticed the cracklings were already salty. After rummaging through the trash for the wrapper and peeling off the supermarket's own label, I discovered that the duck was "pre-seasoned" and not brined like your or I might do (since you or I wouldn't add potassium sorbate intentionally, I think). This was clearly noted on the processor's shrink-wrap, but my friendly grocer's label had hidden that information.

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