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A Duck Recipe that I don't understand - Some help would be great

medicinejar | May 15, 2008 07:38 PM

I am making duck this weekend and I found a recipe that looks great. It can be found here along with the picture:


One part of the recipe I don't understand. It reads:

"Trim the breasts and score outer fat with a very sharp knife.
Open the breasts and stuff with sliced smoked duck breast,
cheese and basil. Season with salt and pepper.
Roll up the breasts, making sure the filling does not seep out,
and secure with toothpicks."

Two issues come from this for me:

1) The part I am not getting is the "open up the duck breast". When I read this, I am assuming I am going to have to cut the breast in someway to open it up - not simply open up the package. But I am not sure what that cut would be exactly - it does not make sense to butterfly it and I am not really sure what to do.

2) The other part I am puzzled/worried by is the direction to roll up the duck breast. I have never done that before, and my recollection of duck is telling me that it might be a little bit too firm to do. As well, I am wondering if the the tooth picks would really secure the rolled up. Moreover, the recipe also calls to sautée each side an I am not sure that would work too well with the tooth picks.

I cook duck breast several times a year but have never tried this recipe or anything like it. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions people have on these directions and, alternatively if people know of a similar recipe that they think is clearer and better or, alternatively, a really good recipe for duck breast.


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