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Duck liver pate - pleased with result

Veggo | Oct 23, 2011 06:58 PM

Pate recipes are a free for all, so I middled the difference with 16 duck livers today. I sauteed 3/4 of a diced sweet onion, 3 mashed garlic cloves, and added the remainder of a stick of salted butter and an equal amount of duck fat. The livers required very little additional trimming, but I fess I discarded the hearts and that is why I am precise with the count. I folded in the livers, and they stewed more than sauteed, which is what I wanted, to reduce liquids. I added a light quantity of herbs de provence, shallots, rosemary, and sea salt, then a cup of whipping cream and 2 oz. cognac, with a shot for the cook. I carefully watched liquid and liver cookedness.

Next, and it smelled and tasted really good now, I spooned batches into a processor, and then strained it. The straining was a lot of work, maybe not necessary. The strainer captured nothing. I added some cracked green peppercorns after the strain.

I folded the mixture into 5, 8-oz. ramekens, to the tippy top, covered them with foil, and placed them in a 9x13 baking pan with hot water 2/3 deep, in a 300 oven 25 minutes. I let them cool a bit, then added an orange- apricot glaze, then a layer of duck fat to seal them.

Four are in the freezer, one I just sampled with cornishons and I don't have good bread so I used a warmed bagel to do my test run- I had to know. There's no substitute for fresh ingredients, this is really good, I'm eating it now. Theresa my cheese lady who roasts my ducks gets a rameken - she gave me all this duck liver and fat for free. Good fun. And I still have a couple quarts of duck livers, and 8 or 10 pints of duck fat, so maybe pate will be a holiday gift.

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