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Dr.Tea in Flushing

HLing | Jul 19, 2001 04:23 AM

For those who's never had Taiwanese tea this humble place is a good place for a taste. Dr. Tea Group Co. at 41-44 Main Street, Suite 1D, Flushing. They have, besides bubble tea, Taiwanese oolong tea (the really expensive ones that you're never sure if you want to buy a whole can of)for 2 for $15, and Taiwanese Gau-Shan tea(High mountain) for 2 for $12. (Additional person is just $2 more) The reason to have these 2 tea here is so that you get to taste it made the correct way. They use purple-clay tea pots that's been seasoned with high-quality tea. This is the hardest to come by for most people because it takes time, patience, and top-grade tea to season a teapot. They have long and narrow cups for sniffing the aroma of the tea at its first rinse. Then small cups for drinking. If you're not sure how to make the tea, they will guide you through the process. A pot of tea made like this can produce up to 4 pots of tea, each time with a slightly different taste(i.e. first time is most aromatic where you think you smell flowers, but there's nothing but tea leaves used...from the 2nd time on you'll get the flavors hitting different spots of your palate.

This isn't tea you gulp. It's more like expresso. In my family, the best thing after a meal isn't dessert, but a cup of Taiwanese tea that friends of the family send from Taiwan.

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