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drinks and tipping

MM | Oct 12, 2005 10:34 AM

I know we've had a LOT of posts about tipping recently and I apoligize for adding to it. But, an issue came up the other day and my immediate thought was: this is a question for the chowhounds!

When I order a drink, I usually tip a dollar. However, 3 girlfriends and I we sitting at a table, in a lounge-type bar (I'm talking about 'Uptown Lounge' for you, New Yorkers). We all ordered a couple of drinks and two members of the party ordered food. When the a bill like that comes, what would you tip and who should tip what?

I threw in a couple of bucks as a tip for my drinks, however it just seemed so...cheap (which is why we all threw in more). I mean, if we all tipped how we would (two of us for just drinks and the other two for food as well), the tip would be about 10% of the bill and that doesn't seem right. However, why should I tip more just because my friends got food?

What do you think?

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