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drink question

Betty | Apr 21, 2002 01:37 AM

In my poor wisconsin art student drinking experience I always stayed with the basics - cheap local beer (Leinenkugel) and free art opening wine, and in the summer gin & tonic if one of us had any money. As an adult I've improved, I hope, but have remained with my basics. I've never had a taste for mixed drinks with sugar and names.

I'm dating a very nice guy who sometimes takes me to parties at our small local country club. Like tonight. I noticed I was the only person there with wine. There was some beer, his Jack & water, and a sea of unrecognizable foamy mixed drinks with lots of ice.

After all these years I suddenly realized I am ignorant of (and not very interested in) drinks with cute names. The favorite of our table tonight was "bulldogs". In case you don't know (I asked, & tasted) it is a very sweet beige combination of Kaluah cream and COKE -gag! If I'm going to drink a coke float, I'll drink a coke float. (of course I agreed it was delicious)

So my question is: Am I being a jerk to this very small bar by ordering the only wine of the night? Possibly the only wine of the weekend?

Should I come up with something else?

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