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Downsize instead of Price Increase?

lemarais | Aug 7, 2013 03:39 PM

For years, manufacturers of food and other products have downsized the quantity of the product in the package rather than increase the price. (Although the result is the same: PRICE INCREASE!)

I find this rather off putting and would rather they kept the same packaging and raise the price. It would be more honest and not an insult to the consumer's intelligence!

Remember when coffee came in 1 pound containers? It's now down to about 10 ounces!

Would like to hear how others feel about this.

Latest downsizes on products I use:

Ivory Soap (even the shape changed!)
Hebrew National Hot Dogs (12 to 11 oz)
Kraft Cheese Slices (24 to 22)
Kleenex (from 174 to 152)
Haagen Daz (1 pint to 14 fl oz)
Cottonelle (New packaging, always a red flag)

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