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dough making techniques I wish I'd known about...Frisage, French Fold, Cold oven.

HLing | Jan 22, 201006:08 PM

For those of us who didn't start baking until the no-knead bread, here's a link to some techniques and points for ponder over.


By the way, I've become weary of seeing recipes for dough of any kinds with instructions to "Add flour as needed" because if it seems right at the moment, after kneading and resting it's easy to end up with a leaden dough that didn't get enough hydration. On the other end, the high hydration of the no-knead bread had us all tip-toeing over shaping the dough. We know that it's supposed to be wet and sticky when we mix the flour and the liquid, but really, why didn't they tell us about the "Sour-dough Guy"'s 10 second Frisage technique where the initial sticky and messy looking dough can be tamed?
(the "sour dough guy"s video link is within the above article) That it doesn't have to stay
a mess? I've managed to get around the whole thing with just a pair of chopsticks(no towels needed, no messy hands either), but I would have been more confident had I known the possibilities for the dough condition and development, that no-knead doesn't mean no shape.

Here's Richard Bertinet's video: http://www.gourmet.com/magazine/video...

Anyhow, I might just be the last person around to know about these points, but in case one of you didn't know either...

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