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keith k | Jul 5, 2002 02:48 PM

My new passion - I want to eat nothing else.

If some afficianado can chime in and clarify/expand I would appreciate it. My chowhound search revelealed nothing. I first read about these in Sietsema's newsletter, but I have not gotten out to the place he recommended yet (A&L Restaurant 645 Nostrand Ave, Bklyn).

The Trinidad Roti truck on Front near Wall St (NY NY) has just started to serve these things for $1.25: sandwiches about the size of a hamburger made with two pieces of flat, fried, what I would characterize as cornbread but I could be wrong. The bread is chewy and almost the consistency of yesterday's pizza-crust. It is the perfect foil for the spiciness and savoriness of the fillings.

The Double Man is a little sketchy on what a double can be filled with. He initially said "anything" which would be chicken (jerk or curry), beef, oxtail, shrimp, or kingfish, but when I asked for kingfish he laughed out loud at the silly gringo and said it wouldn't fit on a double. So good luck.

But the over-tasty jerk and curry chicken fillings on that chewy bread are incredible, and I am sad when my hunger is gone.

So a-someone please tell me more about these things and b-New York hounds should run downtown Monday-Friday at lunchtime and cram these in their mouths two at a time. They are a bit messy to eat so ask for extra napkins. The truck also makes outrageously good roti and offers all those Jamaican specialty drinks: sorrell, soursop, etc.

One flaw: Pepsi, no Coke.

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