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DOUBLE GAH! Husband's birthday dinner again


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DOUBLE GAH! Husband's birthday dinner again

Nyleve | May 19, 2006 05:37 PM

Now I'm really mad. I bought these 5 lbs. of mussels at COSTCO (BAH BAH BAH!!!) and I was planning to make something for Husband's birthday tonight. Couldn't decide what - figured I might have to stretch it to accommodate more eaters, etc., etc. Finally settled on a recipe that included sausage and garlic and wine. Sounded fine. All set to go.

I open the bag. (It was sealed so I didn't look before.). Smells fine. But at least 2/3 of the mussels were dead as a doornail. I was left with maybe 1-1/ lbs of mussels (which I am worried about, to be honest, but they are closed so should be ok) to feed 4 people (the undecided guests ARE coming after all).

I am now in the midst of making paella instead. Had all the other ingredients but ran out to get chicken thighs. I am so annoyed. I will return the empty bag to Costco for a refund but it doesn't do much good right now. I will never buy mussels that I cannot see with the naked eye again. The date on the bag was fine, by the way.

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