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Dos meat-on-the-brink taste better?


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Dos meat-on-the-brink taste better?

Akatonbo | Feb 21, 2006 09:47 AM

This may sound crazy, but I've come to think that meat (even chicken) that is just on the brink of being spoiled tastes better after it's cooked than strictly fresh meat. This past Saturday I got some baby back ribs from Peapod (which is getting more and more unreliable, but that's a whole 'nother subject). They were sold cryovaced, or whatever they call it. When I unwrapped them there was a strong odor that turned out to be due to decopmposed blood on the wrapping. After washing the ribs thouroughly, I sniffed them, and detected a very faint tang. Since they were for dinner, the centerpiece of a whole planned meal, I cooked them anyway, and they were delicious. No gastric repercussions, either. This reminded me of the time that I got some boned chicken breasts from our Thai grocer that proved to be a bit less than pristine when I got them home. The laab I made from them was particularly good. I also recall cases involving less-than-fresh ground beef that made very tasty hamburgers.

Please understand that I'm not talking about actually spoiled - just stuff that's a bit over the edge. Anyone with similar experiences? Opinions?

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