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Dos Hermanos & Homophobia - the real problem with London

SImon Majumdar | Nov 29, 200104:19 PM     4

Whatever the basics of Howlers risible post which I will answer tomorrow, I have to say that tonight was one of the most depressing experiences that the brothers Majumdar have ever had in London.

This was less to do with the restaurant ( The Clerkenwell Dining Room ) which I'll come to later. More to do with the sort of clientele which seems to be the norm increasingly in our fair city.

We started in the bar at St John's and while there were a few lary city types who had obviously been drinking too much, they were not really causing much more than raised eyerows.

We moved on to The Dining Rom and at first all was fine. Gradually the place began to fill up and we were unfortunate enough to be seated near a group of four 50 something middle class snippy english somethings who seemed to have nothing on their minds at all apart from discussing the disgusting nature of "arsebandits" I am sorry to use the word, but their over use of the word showed me the true horrors of living in this small minded biggoted heap of dung of a country. Had it been nearer the beginning of our meal than towards the end, I might have had words. As it was, we hurried through our meal and left.

Because of this, we may not have given The Cerkenwell a fair crack. I found it disappointing in the service and schtick although I agreed with Robin that the cooking was more than able.

Starters of Foie were excellent. Seared to perfection on the outside and rare on the inside. Mains were a bit more begrudging. Short rib was a pale equivalent of it's NYC counterpart and suckling pig was barely to be found until Robin complained and some more was brought out on a side plate.

Desserts were excellent. A chocolate fondant and a Bluberry financier.

Bread was poor.

The prices were more than reasonable with starters at £8 and mains at £12. We went for a couple of glasses of champagne, a couple of glasses of Muscat with the foie and a superb and well priced bottle of Medoc ( £23 ) Robin also had a grappa. This pushed the cost of the meal to £127 for two.

The service was still at the "bedding in" stage which raises the ppoint I made about Eyre Brothers. Why should we pay for their training?

I gave it 5 1/2 out of 10

The real issue is though, that while we accept this sort of blinkered ignorance from people who ought to know better. This country is always going to be the second rate ex empire that it is at the moment.

from homophobia, to racism, to genetic engineering to Final solutions

As Billy Pilgrim said, so it goes.


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