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dopey benny's (long-ish) with Question!


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dopey benny's (long-ish) with Question!

Jessica | May 16, 2005 12:21 AM

stopped by after a movie at the landmark sunshine-- the location of this place alone near the theater will probably bring a good amount of business.

I had the 3-for $6 deal, with no fries (it was just a quick bite after all!)
You can choose from beef, chicken or tofu for your 'base', a variety of cheeses like whiz, pepper jack, provelone, american, and a flavor/topping: standard(peppers/onions), korean (scallions, ginger, sesame seeds), italian (marinara), mexican (guac and salsa).
I got a tofu/korean, chicken/mexican, beef/standard/american yellow.
They say if you dont specify a chesse they will 'ad-lib' it for you, meaning EVERY sandwich got cheese, even the ones that didn't need it, like the tofu/korean. This is strange, and i don't usually think of asian-style food as ever having or needing cheese, its just not something I would do. Then again, it is a cheese steak place--though, you could always specify 'no cheese'. The mexican TOPPING was good, the chicken not so great, it was mostly ground dark meat, i prefer white meat. My overall favorite was the traditional beef. There were definitly onions on the topping, but couldnt really make out the peppers. While the sandwiches themselves were about 3-4 bites, they were generously filled.
All in all, it was filling, and a nice addition to the neighborhood for a mid-day snack, but I wouldn't really seek it out just for that.
On that note, how do people like the other cheese steak places around town?

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