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Don't let the door hit you(Slanted Door review)long

Yolanda Holman | May 16, 200406:55 PM     31

Making reservation-easy(before they moved)
Confirming reservation-impossible,if you like their wait music call because you are not getting a person or if your lucky you will get a busy signal.
Get there-7:45,reservation is at 8pm. Check in with hosts then go to order a drink from cocktail server she asked if we had a res. so that she could just transfer the check over to the table.(nice touch)Waited 10 min for Mojito(to much lime) and a glass of wine. Sit at table(on time). It is hard to explain how it all went wrong the appetizers were great for some reason the server wanted us to order each course seprately which would be fine except he had no concept of timing. We ordered the entrees ( note the plural on entree) and a bottle of wine 1/2 way through the second ap.. 15 min later while my poor boyfriends sits drinking his luke warm tap water and I my lime mojito, the server arrives w/ the wine. He shows the bottle to my boyfriend, I ordered the wine(to the server) which my boyfriend pointed out to the server who sighed and pointed the bottle my way. Thank goodness the wine was wonderful because the worst was coming. I must note now that I counted three times the manager coming by with pen and paper marking the timing of our dinner so that she could undoubtly keep her reservations flowing, that is fine just do not make me feel like it. Okay so tuna arrives wonderful, the ginger was so fresh and provided a nice bite, had a side of asparagus w/morel mushrooms yummy. But wait where is the second entree it never came!! The busser cleared our dishes and then the server came over and asked if we wanted to see a dessert list. I said yes, it is not my job to do his job. Meanwhile I see a food runner walking around with my chicken in his hands with a lost look on his face trying to find a home for which I imagine is a delicious Clay pot Chicken to bad I didn't get to have it. I tell the server I would not like dessert but instead just the check. Get check, Chicken is on the check. Call manager over (you know the one with the pen&paper) tell her my plight she offers desserts on the house I say no, she says sorry again takes the check and removes the chicken and both of our app. We did not leave a tip instead I wrote Talk to manager on the tip line or now he can come to this site. Beware of Slanted Door people if moving so close to the water has sunk their service than please go back to the main land.

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