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Domestic caviar


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Domestic caviar

Deb Van D | Dec 26, 2002 09:20 AM

I received the delightful surprise gift from a far-away friend of a jar of domestic caviar, which appeared magically on my doorstep on Christmas Eve. It was 4 oz of trout caviar from North Carolina, looking rather like salmon roe, but a little smaller. It narrowed my Christmas breakfast selection instantly, what a treat! Lovely, nutty, subtle and tender, I decided it needed a minimum of garniture. I prefer it on slices of hardboiled egg, but that is an imperfect vehicle, with its yellow center falling prey to gravity at a critical moment. Solution: take one Triscuit, top with slice of egg and spoonful of caviar. Slide egg and caviar from cracker to tongue, pause appropriately, repeat with same Triscuit as often as needed. I would have enjoyed a glass of Roederer with it, but had some driving to do in the early afternoon and the weather was not to be trifled with. Otherwise, it was a perfectly wonderful Christmas breakfast.

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