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Dolsot (Korean stone bowl/pot) Suggestion, Please.

Chemicalkinetics | Apr 19, 2012 06:09 PM

I am looking to buy a Dolsot.



There is a Korean supermarket (H-mart) nearby and it does sell Dolsot, but it looks to be much smaller than the one from the restaurant. It is much swallower for sure - about half the height. I suppose I could buy it, but if I am going to spend money on a Dolsot, then I figure I might as well get the size close to what I need. By the way, I want the real stone one, but the ones which look to be clay.

I cannot find any Dolsot from Amazon.com or google shopping.

Any suggestion? Or should I settle for the local H-mart one .... it does not even have a stone cover...


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