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My dog says "Damn you Chowhound!"


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My dog says "Damn you Chowhound!"

mr99203 | May 5, 2009 10:07 PM

OK, I've been hanging out here at Chowhound for about 2 months now. And it's changing the way I cook and make the most of the food I buy. Tonight I was tearing apart a rotisserie chicken for chicken enchiladas. My husky, Sasha, and one of my cats were waiting, expecting the usual pieces of skin and fat tossed to them as I worked.

I used to divide up my rotisserie chicken into 3 piles -- usable chicken meat, waste to be given to the animals, and a pile destined for the garbage.

Well, I'd just read a recipe on Chowhound for chicken and stuffing and was planning to use half the chicken for that. And, thanks to the Hounds influence, I'd also started using the chicken carcass and the messy bits for stock. So Sasha and her kitty accomplice didn't get their usual share --They work together -- the two of them last week had pushed a baggie of dried porcini mushrooms off the kitchen counter (cat) and eaten it (dog).

Anyway, I used almost the whole rotisserie chicken for the humans in the house and the poor animals were left to curse the day I started hanging out with you all on Chowhound.


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