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Disposal of "off" or rancid oil

LindaWhit | Jun 15, 200812:58 PM

I rarely use canola oil for cooking, but was going to brown some beef short ribs in a large stockpot before putting them into the crockpot this morning. Before pouring a couple of Tbsp. of the oil into the stockpot, I took a whiff - yup, it's definitely turned. I buy the smallest possible bottle (1 pt., 8 oz.) but I still don't use it fast enough before it goes bad. (Next time, I'm going to store it in the fridge to see if that'll keep it better longer - or split a bottle with my mother, who doesn't use a lot of it either.)

But in any case - I know I shouldn't pour it down the kitchen drain or in the toilet. I'd like to recycle the plastic bottle, but based on what various sites say, including Wikipedia, "...The proper way to dispose of oil is to put it in a sealed non-recyclable container and discard it with regular garbage."


What kind of "non-recyclable container" could be used? Anthing that I've thought I might use (i.e., a used sour cream container) is also recyclable.

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