Recently discovered Andre's Bakery (Hungarian, UES)


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Recently discovered Andre's Bakery (Hungarian, UES)

Clarissa | Mar 9, 2006 12:07 PM

I didn't add this to the UES bakery thread because they're Hungarian, and I don't know if they do the birthday cake or cupcake type thing. But we recently read about Andre's Hungarian Bakery (don't know if that's the exact name) in an article about cabbage strudel in the New York Times. The author, Nora Ephron, was lamenting the fact that cabbage strudel, once available at Mrs. Herbst's Hungarian Bakery and a few others, is nowhere to be found. Then she discovered it at Andre's Bakery, and found it quite good. The article didn't mention this, but the place turns out to be certified kosher.

Being Hungarian cabbage strudel lovers, my parents went to check it out, and were pleased. If you like savory strudels, theirs is good and will bring back happy memories to those who remember Mrs. Herbst. Also available are two other wonderful pastries of my youth -- Dobosch Torte (a decent version here, with nice delicate buttercream between the layers and a really good, thin burnt caramel to crunch on for the top) and Floden. I may have spelled Floden wrong, but theirs deserves mention. It's this layered Hungarian coffee cake. Their version has a layer of prune lekvar, a layer of walnut/raisin and a layer of poppyseeds. Very delicious.

That's all I've had there, because I keep buying the same things. So nice to have dobosch torte again, although I'm currently on a diet and am trying to make believe that apples and oranges are dessert.

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