Discolored AC LTD saucepan safe to cook in? Pls advice....


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Discolored AC LTD saucepan safe to cook in? Pls advice....

katetinucci | Mar 31, 2011 07:12 PM

Hi all-

This is my very first question here on this forum, though I have been a lurker here for quite some time. I recently won an AC original LTD 3qt saucepan w/lid for peanuts ($30) on ebay. The seller did not provide any detailed descriptions and the one photo that was provided showed an extremely clean, well-maintained steel interior. I assumed that it was an older SS saucepan, since the exterior was invisible in the picture. But to my dismay AND delight, it was an AC LTD pan, very thick and clean (interior), but the exterior surface had deteriorated and streaked so much that instead of the dark anodized surface, all that is visible is an aluminum finish, similar to AC MC or MC2.

Upon searching past queries, I sprayed Dawn Power Dissolver, left it on for about 35 min and then wipred it and washed it but nothing has changed. It is still discolored and looks more aluminum than when I recd it with uneven ugly streaks.

My concern is about the actual functionality of the item. In short, will it be okay to use it for cooking, or is it money down the drain? Pls help!!


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