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Disclosing a blog reviewer's bill?


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Disclosing a blog reviewer's bill?

Jennifer | Jul 28, 2005 03:07 PM

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this before. This guy in Portland Maine has a blog on the newspaper website where he talks about restaurants, food, recipes, etc. So he writes about his recent experience at a revered local restaurant. He says it wasn't up to its usual excellence and he felt the bill was high for his satisfaction level.

He says, "It was a nice dinner, the room as lively as ever, and well air conditioned, but our tab of $178 including tip, a glass of wine and a cocktail each seemed excessive."

So the general manager replies to the blog saying, "Hello John. I read your review of Fore Street and even I was shocked at the price of the I did a little checking. Come to find out, the ACTUAL total on your check came to $136.50 for everything that you listed (with the addition of 3 Stolis and 3 glasses of wine - not 3 total as you had indicated). Alcohol will certainly add a "punch" to the bottom line. If you are going to write a review, then please, be fair and tell the honest-to-goodness truth. The inflated bill (it seems) was due to the indication of your tip ($30).
Much appreciated by the server I am sure.....however, no need to exacerbate the price to prove your point.
R. Violette, General Manager
Fore Street

The blogger says it was a misread, that he himself had one glass of wine and one cocktail and his companion had the rest.

So my question is, do YOU think its appropriate for a General Manager to post the contents of someone's bill online and if so, under what circumstances?

Here are the blogs...
What a flame war, I was interested in some more "objective" feedback!

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