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Disappointing, strangely-textured and generally weak-flavoured ice cream tubs from Xococava

Bigtigger | Aug 19, 200909:16 PM

Having read a good many positive comments on this Board about the ice cream at Xococava (W side of Yonge N of St Clair in Delisle Court just down from Bruno's) I picked up three tubs today from their freezer for dinner with guests tonight. Boy were we disappointed.

Peanut Butter & Jelly - the best of an unimpressive lot - a lot of jam and chocolate flavour, light on the peanut butter (they could learn from Baskin Robbins in this respect). And like all the flavours sampled tonight, there was a peculiar texture - it struck us as a little grainy, no silky smooth finish on the mouth, somehow a lack of solidity - quite at variance from other super-premium ice creams we had tasted, and inferior in this respect even to H-D and other supermarket brands. The top layer (the container did not have any sealant or wrap between the cap and ice cream) had definitely melted and been re-frozen as it contained ice crystals. This did not occur in the 4 mins between purchase and entering my freezer.

Creme Brulée was a joke and worst of the lot - the same slight grittiness and falling apart, un-dense quality of the previous, with a flavourless sort of "sweet cream" base (not half as creamy or sweet or pleasant to the tongue as Greg's or for that matter as Sealtest French Vanilla) peppered with quite substantial chunks - and I mean tooth-challenging chunks - of what appeared to be no more than a slightly caramelized frozen sugar - which had no real taste component other than sweet. The amateur hour personified.

Espresso had a not unpleasant flavour of coffee with something else, perhaps chocolate - here the falling apart and slightly gritty, unsmooth texture was again pronounced, verging on weirdly off-putting. And since there was no textural variety included in this flavour (eg, coffee bean or chocolate shards or or or...) the whole soon lost any interest for us and became quite monotonous and a little too sweet.

I should add that I tempered all three tubs by standing them at room temperature for 10-15 mins prior to serving.

Service was very sweet from the young lady behind the counter. In response to my question, she told me that the "scoopable" flavours next to her were usually different from those stocked in the freezer where I made today's purchase. From what I could see the ice cream she was scooping another customer appeared to have a creamier and more traditional texture. But this was no more than a passing glance. Certainly I would try the scoop flavours on another visit and consider having tubs hand-packed from the counter. But at the moment I am feeling a little ripped off and distinctly unimpressed, though whether my negative experience stems from a freezing issue, the particular flavours I chose or some systemic problem I am unsure.

Has anyone else had similar experiences here ?

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