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What is your dirty little food secret?


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What is your dirty little food secret?

Firegoat | Jun 25, 2013 07:14 AM

So you are an adventurous eater with a refined palate. Your friends know you as a great cook. Perhaps you always try and dine at the newest places. Maybe your friends call you a "foodie."

So what is your little, dirty food secret? Not trying to yuck on anyone's yum here, but is there something you like to eat that your friends or family would consider, "Ew weird!" or "Ew gross!" or "Ew I can't believe you eat that."
I've already outed one of my transgressions. Cheese Whiz. The kind that comes in the glass jar only. Yes, I make my own cheese. I love eating all sorts of different cheeses and seek out new ones all the time. I have cheese shipped across the country to me. But when I'm down, sick or tired... it is the ultimate comfort food to me. Spread on a Ritz cracker if possible.
So what's your secret?

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