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My Dinners Are Going Downhill, Help!


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My Dinners Are Going Downhill, Help!

AmandaCA | Feb 2, 2011 10:08 PM

I am really struggling with dinner these days. I know I am a decent cook and I have all the tools but lately my food just isn't coming out the way it used to. I find myself struggling for inspiration.

I think it started when I bought a certain TV chef's book (we'll call him tf) and made a few recipes all of which came out horribly. I embarrassed myself and a good friend with a nasty salty meatball rendition for his birthday and made another dish which my husband passed on for a ham sandwich. Yikes! Normally I am known for my good cooking but these were disastrous. Ever since then I feel like I am losing my edge.

The food I want to cook I would call upscale comfort food or maybe bistro. I like cookbooks but I have a hard time finding books on the food I want to cook. I also have a one year old son so not a lot of time for cooking classes. We do eat a variety of things although I never really developed those "go-to recipes" but i am not afraid to try things. We enjoy Japanese, Italian, American and the occasional Mexican or Thai restaurant.

I should also say that I feel like my food is always better in the summer. Roast chicken with smashed potatoes and a corn and nectarine or caprese salad is heaven for me. I just want to make good comforting food that my husband looks forward to each night and brags about at work the next day.

Any tips, recipes, ideas or cookbooks that can help get me out of this slump? Has anyone else gone through something similar? Is it too much to want to make restaurant comfort food without cooking school?

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