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Dinner at Taddich Grill for the 4,583th time - Some minuses

oakjoan | Dec 21, 200510:43 PM

We had dinner at Taddich tonight. I started coming to TG when I was under 10 years old when our family would visit my uncle's family in Berkeley. It has remained on of my absolute faves ever since.

There are, however, some drawbacks. We like to sit at the counter, which is a good choice when it's crowded and there are only 2 of you.

At the counter we have encountered at least 2 rogue waiters. One guy got everything wrong in our order. We also had to wait forever. This was particularly maddening because we were sitting at the kitchen end of the counter and could see all the dishes whisked away to other diners.

I ordered a dinner shrimp and crab salad with house dressing as I always do. He questioned this order and kept asking for clarification. He said it was a large salad, a whole meal. I said, no, I wanted just the dinner salad with some crab and shrimp on top. We went back and forth until I thought he finally understood. Mind you, I've been getting this salad every time I've eaten there for years and years.

So my salad comes and it's huge. I complain to him. He argues with me. I think he took it back finally. But I never got my small salad.

Tonight we had another rogue waiter. This guy was "Mr. Personality". He was rushing about muttering to himself and acting as if he was the only waiter in the whole place. He jovially greeted all comers. I asked for a soda water with lemon. He pointed down the counter to a bowl of lemons (several places away), saying "Lemons are there."

A few minutes later, the busboy brings my soda water. Now we wait and wait as he careens back and forth between the computer and the bar, making cracks all the while.

He finally approaches us and asks for our order. My husband orders cioppino and "a salad like she's getting" - pointing to me. I say I want a dinner salad with c and shr and house dressing. He says "Well, we'll have to charge you $10.95 - a minimum, so maybe you should order some soup." I look at him with uncomprehension and say "You mean the salad is $10.95?" He says it's a minimum order. I said, but I didn't finish my order, I want the swordfish." He stares at me for a moment, grabs my hands and starts yelling "Well, why didn't you SAY so!!" I forebore to say that he hadn't let me say much at all.

So we wait and eat too much bread. Finally the salads come and there's hardly any dressing. A large part of the reason I go to TG is their house dressing. I consider the trouble I'll be in if I ask for more dressing and give up.

While we're eating our salad, he takes the orders of the 2 guys next to us on one side and the 1 guy on the other.

A few minutes later he comes roaring down from the kitchen "Bibs for cioppino!!!!!! Bibs for cioppino!" (piture this said several more times.) My husband never gets a bib but he did this time. He was too scared to refuse.

We finish our salads and then wait and wait. Waiter brings 2 brimming bowls of cioppino to the guys on the left. A few minutes later he brings seafood curry to the guy on the right. We continue to wait.

Finally we get our main courses. The food was exactly as always. Great swordfish, even better tartar sauce. This time, though, they had some wonderful kale cooked up with garlic. Yum.

Then we get the bill. It was $81 with a 15% tip. I always give 20% but I was too irritated to do so this time. We had one soda water, 2 salads and 2 entrees. My swordfish was almost $25. This dinner was not worth $40 each. They have really raised their prices since we were last there....albeit about 8 months ago.

I contrast this experience with our dinner last Saturday night at Legendary Palace. Bustling, fun place with a couple of big birthday parties going on. Fabulous Sampan Crab and some scallops with terrific celery and sauce. Our son and daughter out law were impressed (They're big Asian food fans and have lived in Seattle for a few years).

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