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I once had dinner with Ruth Reichel!


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I once had dinner with Ruth Reichel!

blueboy | Oct 30, 2002 05:59 PM

yep, i sure did. it was great and she was really fun. i hope this won't sound like i'm showing off. it's just that i've never written it down and i thought maybe this was the place to do it (plus i'm bored at work today).
ruth was a friend of a friend and i was invited simply out of the kindness of my friend's heart: at the time i was unemployed, broke and feeling down (fortunately a short-lived phase in 95). anyway, we ate at keens steakhouse, the one with a million clay pipes on the ceiling. ruth had used a psuedonym (i dare not tell) for the booking and not a soul who worked there recognized her. she didn't try to disguise herself or anything like that. we were a party of eight and ruth took care of most of the ordering. i ended up getting the mutton chop, which i thought was terrific but no one else seemed to like very much. that was the thing: everyone tasted everyone else's. it was nice like that because i like sharing anyway, and this way you got to try practically eveything on the menu. i remember thinking "so that's how reviewers do it; come with a big party and share". the group was a circle of close friends (though as the only stranger i was made to feel welcome) and we passed the evening merrily chatting about relationships, marriage, food (naturally), the follies of youth - all good stuff. we drank tons of wine and the whole thing really boosted my spirits. i loved the food and decor (esp given that i was subsisiting on a diet of cheap chinese take-out) and i was surprised that the others weren't so impressed with the place. i learned later that ruth chose not to even review it. i'm not sure but i think ruth picked up the tab (it certainly wasn't me).
sadly, i fell out of touch with the friend who knew ruth (she went to live in rome and who could blame her?) but i've always felt touched that she included me that night.
anyway, bon apetit! thanks for making this such a great site!

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