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What's For Dinner and longer posts


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What's For Dinner and longer posts

ChristinaMason | Jun 24, 2011 08:28 AM

As a side note: would it be possible for folks to move some of their more "food porn" bloggy-type posts to another thread? I (and some other Hounds) think these would be better suited to the Food Media board. Frankly, I'm having a hard time wading through these lengthy posts with tons of photos, and maybe I'm stuck in my old-school WFD ways, but I prefer the more concise dinner posts.

With no offense meant to anyone, this is feeling little more like a food photo rally and blog promotion tool than a humble "this is what I cooked for dinner" thread. As c_oliver has suggested, since you've obviously put a lot of thought and work into staging and photographing your dinner posts, why not make them separate posts from WFD? In short: I like what you're doing, but I don't love it on this thread. Sometimes less is more.

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