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Dinner Imposs, M Symon, Veggie Cowboys


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Dinner Imposs, M Symon, Veggie Cowboys

sasha1 | Oct 31, 2008 09:44 AM

Did anyone catch this episode? Symon has to cook a veg meal for a group of cowboys. They give him a helper, who is both knowledgeable and apparently Symon's sounding board for lots of venting about how anyone can not eat meat, how tofu is weird and squishy, and general unhappiness. But my lol moment was as Symon is writing out his menu, and spells seitan SATAN. Too funny. I did almost raunch when he crumbled peanut butter marinated grilled tofu onto nachos. Not so sure about the peaches in the bbq sauce either that was supposed to go onto pulled "pork" sandwiches.

Shouldn't a well known chef be a little more knowledgeable about these vegetarian proteins? And a little less vocal about his abhorrence of them? I eat meat, but love tofu as well for its health and versatility.

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