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Dinner at the Diner


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Dinner at the Diner

Christopher Mounikian | Apr 1, 2003 12:48 PM

I have a question, with a story, that perhaps someone here can help me with.

I am invited to attend a dinner at a diner.
One of those Big overstated "fancy" neon lighted fares that have become the new American standard over the old-fashioned greasy spoon, it seems.
I like diners for breakfast and, if needed, due to lack of availability of other types of places, will have lunch in a diner. I usually am disappointed with the fair at lunch. I try different options like the burgers, arg, the sandwiches, which always seem to come open faced (why?), sometimes I try the specials, arg, but am rarely satisfied with the food.
The problem is dinner. I have been to dinner at a diner many times. Unlike lunch, I am seeking Dinner foods, not sticky bun burgers, sandwiches or some concoction swimming in a watery soup of "sauce". Although I am sure this is good food, and much to the liking of the patrons that pack these places in, I am seeking "Dinner" foods. Much like the dinners one would find in a restaurant.
I have tried the seafood dishes. I have tried the roast dishes. I have tried the steaks. I have tried all suggestions of my fellow diners and even try ordering what other people at my table are ordering, with the anticipation of finding some new found dish that I can order without having to be questioned by my fellow diners why I haven't finished my food. I try to be as gracious as possible, saying that I am not really all that hungry, or some other excuse with a smile. But it seems that I get looked at funny and questioned, especially since when we go to restaurants I am known as a very 'hearty' eater and I 'enjoy' my food.
I enjoy the company of my fellow diners, but I don't want this diner issue to become a problem, so I ask, kindly, What does one order in a diner for dinner?
Thank you all in advance!

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