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My Dinner with Athan's


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My Dinner with Athan's

galleygirl | Jul 14, 2003 12:29 PM

What's the perfect meal on girls night out?

After knocking back a lovely $24 bottle of Rioja at the Washington Street Tavern, Yumyum and I were *shocked* to realize we were too deep in conversation to have eaten...(Altho we did see an earthy-looking pile of
Wild-Salmon and polenta going by)...We remedied this with some Tuna Spring Rolls, a little skimpy for $9, but the raw tuna was still cool and flavorful, in the crispy rice paper rolls). We were going to order further, when we realized we had both been staring out the window at the Athan's Bakery sign for the last hour...

At the same time, we both said, "How 'bout gelato for dinner?" We paid our tab, and scurried across the street...The plan was to just share a small. (ha!)

We were so distracted by the selections of "biscuits"(in the Brit usage) and variety of tiny squares of topped baklavas, that we didn't check out the gelato til we heard a woman behind us repeating, "Omigawd,omigawd,omigawd.." We instantly asked what *she* was having. (g) She and her companion FORCED us to try spoonsful of the chocolate...They were right, it
was like the most amazingly chocolatey, chocolate mousse...But we had further exploring to do.

Once we discovered that they'd split a small ($1.95) between 2 flavors, we began sampling..Yumyum ended up with a delicious, almost liqeurish-tasting fig, and pistachio (not quite as exciting)..She was ready to ridicule me for going for the Yogurt flavor, til I insisted she try it...This stuff was great! Not frozen yogurt, but the milk, sugar, cream gelato ingredients
flavored with the tart snap of plain, cultured yogurt...Tart, sweet and creamy in one bite...The perfect dessert for a Thai meal, IMHO..I combined
it with my perennial favorite, nocciola, which I love there; true hazelnut flavor, and a few whole nuts, none of that artificial hazelnut-flavoring that reminds me of bad flavored coffees.

We settled down to do a bite by bite critique of the texture of the gelato...Their freezing and storage technique rendered a soft consistancy, melty on the edges, and allowing the full bouquet (vbg) of the flavors and ingredients to shine thru...I feel that a lot of places are adding too much cream to their mix, and freezing at a higher temp, ending up with results
closer to higher-fat ice-cream, and more in line with the ice cream sensibility...This stuff really said "gelato" to me..We understood why Striperguy is there so much. And we hurried back to the gelato case to coach a few other newbies in their tasting selections..

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