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Dinner for 6, when the table seats 4 and it's a small home

The Oracle | Feb 6, 201201:14 PM

I'd like to start hosting casual dinner parties for friends. My small living space has prevented me from doing so in the past, but I'm over it and want to get creative with my seating and enjoy good food and the company of others!

My living room/dining room are one rectangular room. One one side is my dining room table and the other side is the living room space.

In the dining room area I have a 40"x 40" bar-height table that seats 4.

While composing this thread, I thought of 3 options... and would welcome more!

I have had larger, casual parties in this same space and I've figured those out... but what I'm going for is a seated, dinner party type event.

Option A:
I have two bar stools (with no back) that I've used in a pinch (these get put on the corners) and DH and I take those seats.

My question is: if you were a guest, would you find this to be too cramped?

Option B:
Reconfigure my living room/dining room space. Move the sofa from the middle of the room (it acts as a 'divider' between the two rooms to the dining room space. Setup a 6 ft table in the living room space. I did this with two six-foot tables this past Thanksgiving. One end had to be against the wall so it would fit and I was able to seat eight. This option is not ideal in my mind, because it disrupts my post-dinner hanging out space.

Option C:
Move my 40" x 40" table out of the dining space, and put a 6ft table in this space (I'm not entirely sure it would work lengthwise - one end might need to be against the wall). I would have to disassemble the existing table to get it to the garage (it doesn't fit through the doorway) and perhaps rent nicer chairs or get chair cushions (I have metal folding chairs). (Disassembling the table is least appealing.)

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