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Dining report, a bit long

LVI | Oct 17, 201612:59 PM     2

This trip was a little different in the sense that we ended up being lazy many nights and just staying in the comfort of the Wynn as opposed to venturing out to familiar places like the Chadas, D1, Chengdu and others. Instead we had dinner two times at Wing Lei, once at the Country Club. Our only off property dinner was at Ferraro's. We did get to Lotus of Siam our second day for lunch.

Day one started with a quick lunch at In-n-Out. People will say what they will about In-n-Out but being from the East Coast I am always thrilled to go there. And this visit did not disappoint. Double double animal style, three happy campers! After a round of golf full of good times and few good shots it was off to Ferraro's to meet QAW for dinner. The last time I had been to Ferraro's it was at the old location and Steve and Edie were at their seats at the bar, so many moons ago. We were seated in the bar area so we could watch the games. It was not an overly busy night in the restaurant and service was good. We ordered the stuffed peppers, tripe, osso buco, spaghetti with garlic and olive oil, rabbit, veal milanese, a special pasta that was supposedly excellent although nobody other than QAW can attest to that because SOMEBODY was hungry. I'm sure I left something out but all in all the meal was fine. The standout for me was the tripe. It was absolutely delicious. Cooked perfectly with tremendous flavor (maybe a littler hotter and spicier would have made it best ever), so much so we ordered another with dinner. The specialties were where they fell a bit flat. The osso buco was fairly bland and the meat a bit stringy, almost as if they did not have the best quality meat and not braised long enough. Not bad, just not great and far from a specialty. The same could be said of the rabbit. Fairly bland and unremarkable. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening with QAW. Just not sure I will be rushing back on my next trip.

The next day another round of golf and lunch at Lotus with QAW. Not going to go through the blow by blow commentary as it has all been said before. LoS continues to hit on all cylinders and this lunch was no exception. Simply outstanding and a restaurant that everybody should go to.

Dinner was an impromptu visit to the Country Club at the Wynn. It has been many moons since I have eaten here and we wanted to stay in the Wynn. We sat in the bar area, again, so we could watch the games. Service was good and friendly. Appetizers were a mixed bag. Gigantic shrimp cocktail was excellent, tartare very good while the foie was overcooked and not all that tasty. We were all in the mood for prime rib and it looked delicious sitting on the serving cart. Problem was that they ran out. How does a restaurant in the Wynn run out of prime rib? And on a Saturday? It was not like it was midnight but rather 8pm!!! Oh well. One person in our party was able to get the last piece albeit not quite to his doneness liking but he knew that was the case when the waiter said it was near the end. Now all complaining aside, it was an almost perfect piece of prime rib. Almost perfectly cooked (had we had the middle it would have been perfect), it was tender and juicy and beautifully spiced. Simply spectacular. The mashed potatoes and spinach were an after thought. Potatoes very good the spinach was ok. I ordered the "waygu" strip steak with shaved black truffles. I would generally never order a dish like this but it sounded good and after the disappointment of being out of prime rib I felt like treating myself. If it were $50 I would have enjoyed it a lot more than the $90 price that they were charging. Cooked perfectly the meat was tender and flavorful but the salting was a bit too liberal and the jus that accompanied it was too much for the truffles that were a underwhelming in taste. Oh but that prime rib will have me coming back next trip. SOOOOO good.

Saturday saw us at the Sports Book in the Wynn, which means lunch at Allegro. Again, not going to go blow by blow but fully enjoyed our pizzas. And whats there not to like about Dogfish on tap! Great lunch and super convenient.

Dinner was at Wing Lei. Now let me just say, yes, it's way over priced. But I will say I enjoy eating there. While not as great as prior visits (I'll get into that in a moment) it was still excellent. The room is beautifully decorated. It is quiet but not uncomfortably so. And the service is spot on. Appetizers were very good with the hot and sour seafood soup excellent and the shrimp spring rolls very good. But we come for the entrees. And just two in particular. The Sampan Prawns and the Peking Duck. Prawns were as we remembered and excellent. The Peking Duck first course, awesome as usual. However they have changed the second course of the duck. And I am sure it has everything to do with $. In the past the duck brought back to the kitchen after the pancakes were presented and the meat removed from the bones. It was then stir fried with veggies and put into lettuce leaf cups and served. Now all they do is bring the duck back to the kitchen and chop the carcass into small pieces and returned to the table. Nothing very adventurous or exciting. We did return Sunday night thinking it may have been a one off but sure enough, same chopped duck (we also ordered the moo shu pork this night and it was excellent). And at $98 per duck I will have to rethink whether or not it is worth going back.

Sunday morning we went to Glutton for brunch. They opened at 9am and we were 1st ones in. We sat at the bar to watch the NFL and had some excellent Bloodies all adorned with shrimp. We ordered the peaches and cream waffles which were simply outstanding. A caramel bourbon sauce that is to die for is poured over the top. The short rib scramble and the huevos rancheros rounded out the order and were both ok. I really wasn't a fan of either but my friends liked, not loved.

Monday morning we went to the Veranda at the Four Seasons. The Veranda has been an oasis for me over the years. Tranquil with great service and excellent food I have always looked forward to my breakfasts here. However, this trip was different. Maybe it was how the Four Seasons screwed up my reservation and made us scramble to find a room the day BEFORE we were suppose to come (a story for another time) that tainted our breakfast. I don't know. The huevos rancheros were good, not great. The coffee was good, not great. It was just off. And to make matters worse, they took off the menu one of the best breakfast items on the strip. The corned beef and pastrami hash. No longer and I was so in the mood for it! Sigh. The track record speaks for itself so I will undoubtedly return again. But I will say that with the changes that have occurred at the Four Seasons recently (mostly behind scenes management stuff) I am not all that encouraged for the future.

And finally, we decided to grab a late lunch before our flight home at the Smashed Pig. I had heard good things about this place so I was eager to try it. Really not much to the place in the rear dining area but service was super fri newly and efficient. We ordered the crispy deviled eggs, fish and chips and the pork schnitzel. Eggs were good but the oil in which they were fried was old and gave a bit of an off putting flavor. The fish and chips was a decent sized order but waaaaay too greasy. And the schnitzel was bland and a tad tough. I will write it off to it being a Monday and just not their best performance. But this is one of the issues with places for tourists. I know they can rock certain items and take a great deal of pride in the product they area putting forth. But for the tourist who visits so infrequently, it's hard to return when the first impression was so blah and there are so many other options.

Wing Lei
Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar
The Smashed Pig
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