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dining notes - Amada, Eulogy, Beau Monde


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dining notes - Amada, Eulogy, Beau Monde

meg944 | Aug 18, 2006 11:02 PM

My husband and I recently got back from a trip to one of our very favorite cities, Philadelphia. He lived there for awhile when we were first dating, so I think it retains a romantic aura, but also, it simply has loads of everything that makes a city great, on a user-friendly scale.

Of course we organized the trip so that we could make it to a bunch of restaurants, some new, some old favorites. Thanks to you folks on Chowhound for letting my surreptitiously pick your brain for ideas!!

Amada – three of us had the tasting menu, which was well worth the money. We started laughing at the way the food just kept coming. Some of our favorites were a plate of fried anchovies topped with fried egg (we joked it was the kind of dish you make for drunk friends w/ a mostly empty larder at 3am,) salad greens rolled in prosciutto (simple but amazingly yummy,) and the ubiquitous but tasty goat cheese w/ tomato. I went for the Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down,” supposedly a lemon/rosemary “martini” but it just tasted like lemonade to me. Not a bad thing, but not quite what I expected. The wine pairing that came w/ dinner was pleasant enough, and seemed a good value (3 1⁄2 glasses for $10.) I think the guys next to us got engaged, which was very sweet. Very pretty bathrooms as well – I am not a nut about such things, but these were worthy of notice.

Eulogy – Stopped in here twice for drinks; we have normally gone to Monks in the past. The upstairs bartender, who sounds Belgian, is an absolute charmer. The first night we had a Rodenbach and a Duchesse de Bourgogne. I forget what we had the second time, but it was equally tasty. They have a really wonderful selection. On the second visit my husband ordered frites (or maybe they were advertised as fries?) They looked and tasted like typical fries and we only had a few, but the remoulade we ordered w/ it was deliciously spicy.

Beau Monde – We try to stop here whenever we are in town, for crepes and Clos Normand cider. We always marvel at how beautiful the place is. Sat outside for a couple of hours in perfect weather. We started w/ a cheese plate – it was ample, and included a nice selection of fruit as always, though we were a bit disappointed by the selection. We got three semi-hard cheeses that were remarkably similar in taste. They did bring baguette – it wasn’t the best baguette but it wasn’t awful either. We’d probably skip it next time. We ordered one of their “brunch specials,” a delicious Southwestern-style crepe but asked them to change the eggs from scrambled to poached and the cheese from Swiss to Roquefort. Unfortunately it seems they offer a reduced pricing on the specials, but no substitutions are possible. Since we altered the order the crepe price went from something like $11 to $15. I wish the waitress had made the clear as we were ordering, as I was not that desperate for poached eggs. Service was otherwise fine; unremarkable. We would have loved to try the dessert crepe special, which included spiced peaches, blackberries, ginger ice cream and blackberry crème anglaise, but we were stuffed and due for a walking tour.

I will have to continue my review w/ Tria, Capogiro, Matyson and Serrano when I have more time.....

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