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Dining Alone at Home - Plating

jhopp217 | Mar 17, 201207:30 AM

I live alone and due to the size of my apartment, I dine alone when eating at home. Many nights I resort to take-out or a quick meal, but when I do cook, I have an odd tendency to actually care about plating. The other night, I made jazzed up turkey burger and topped it with an Sriracha avocado mayo. I placed the burger on a carefully arranged bed of lettuce and used two spoons to put a perfect scoop of the mayo atop the burger. I then circled the burger with small wedges of tomato. It actually looked kinda pretty.

Does anyone else, while dining alone do this sort of thing....or do you do, what I often do and eat half of it while cooking and whatever is left, throw on a plate?

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