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Dining on 6-6-06 – will it be heaven or hell?


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Dining on 6-6-06 – will it be heaven or hell?

rworange | Jun 4, 2006 05:58 PM

So I’m reading a funny article in the Sunday paper about how the town of Hell, Mich is observing the date. It got me thinking of doing some themed eating that day.

So what ideas / recipes do you have – Should I hedge my bets and be eating angel food cake that day or just figure the heck with it (and you know what I mean by heck) and just go for the devilled eggs?

Or should I play both sides and make a heaven and hell cake?


I’m thinking for heaven based:


Bagel & Philly Cream cheese (they had all those angel commercials)
Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee (the heavenly coffee … you know, what kind of nuts IS it chock full of?)


Hebrew National Frank (they answer to a higher authority)


Angel hair pasta (I wonder if a local restaurant called O’Reilly’s Holy Grail serves it)

Hell-based eating


Eggs in purgatory
Caffe Roma coffee (local brand. Their slogan is “Black as night, strong as sin, sweet as love, hot as hell”


Seitan lover or Demon lover (courtesy of a local restaurant. The demon has spicy chicken and waffles. The vegetarian version uses seitan instead of chicken)
Lager Diabla from Devil’s Canyon brewery
Devil dogs


Shrimp Diablo
Sin City Beer (hmmm … maybe a trip to Vegas that day might be appropriate)
Devil’s food cake

You know, there’s a lot more dishes and drinks that have hell-based names.

So, any other ideas? Go ahead hit me with those recipes ... since cooking is hell to me, it seems like an appropriate date to do it.

I figure if the worse happens that day, I won’t have to clean the pots and pans.

Link: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/...

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