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TVHilton | Mar 30, 201509:02 PM     8

Having gotten a lot of very helpful response to my previous request, I will once again impose on the kindness and generosity of the community to request information--this time for to our planned excursion to Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh.

Our plan is to stay 5 nights/4 days in Dinan, with day trips (driving) to various points in the vicinity (Mont St. Michel; St. Malo/Cancale; Cap Frehel & Fort La Latte; Côte du Goëlo & thereabouts). I expect we'll mostly be eating fairly simply and casually (crêpes/galettes, moules frites, kouign amann, cidre, etc.). Breakfasts come with lodging (the Logis de Jerzual), so we're looking at lunches and dinners out.

With that in mind, I have a few fairly specific questions:

1) Searching through past threads, I haven't been able to find any specific restaurant recommendations in Dinan. We will likely want to have at least one reasonably nice dinner there--not anything spectacular, necessarily, but something a little nicer than your basic crêperie ("good enough", if you will). Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Dinan? (The Ferme Auberge de la Porte, recommended by parigi, does look great, and I'm certainly keeping it in mind as a possibility. But a restaurant in Dinan proper would allow us both to drink our fill without worrying about driving back to the home base.)

2) We'll be in Cancale for probably a late lunch/early dinner, which will (obviously) involve oysters. Depending on the weather (and how hungry we are) we might just end up getting a loaf of bread and eating oysters from a stall on the quay. Or we may want to sit down for a proper meal, in which case recommendations are welcome. Breizh Cafe sounds lovely but also maybe a little pricey/chichi (which doesn't rule it out, especially if the Euro cooperates; but my own preference would be someplace relatively modest and low key). L'Ormeau, possibly?

3) Ptipois's general recommendation of "simple cafés by the sea" (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7832...) is extremely appealing to me, and I'd love to take advantage of it. Are there any good prospects for this either on the peninsula of Cap Frehel & Fort La Latte (perhaps as far out of our path as Erquy), or along the Côte du Goëlo between, say, Binic and the Ile de Brehat?

4) We may want to bring a basic lunch with us (bread, cheese, etc.) on some of our day trips, and will certainly want to do so when we go to Mont St. Michel (based on everything I've read about the dining options there). Are there any particularly good boulangeries, fromageries, and/or charcuteries in Dinan? Or are we probably well enough off going to wherever is nearest?

5) Are there any cidreries worth visiting in the immediate area? I don't want to make a substantial trip out of it (I already feel like we may be pushing the over-scheduling barrier), but if there's anything within a minor detour of our itinerary I would certainly be interested. (There's a "Musee du Cidre" in Pleudihen-sur-Rance, 20 minutes from Dinan; has anyone been there, and if so, is it worth a visit?)

Once again, thanks in advance for your help. I will certainly post a report when I get home (and depending on wifi availability, might be posting over the course of the trip).

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