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Dim Sum Variety

Dinsdale45 | Oct 14, 2008 08:14 AM

I don't have a load experience with dim sum and I've never eaten it outside of Boston, but I really enjoy the dishes I've had, and I like the whole idea of picking your favorites off the carts. Every Boston (Cantonese) restaurant appears to serve the same thing, even though the clientele is heavily Asian. I was just wondering though, I read where there are hundreds of possible dim sum dishes but all I ever see are the same 30-50, and many are just variations (different wrappings) using the same (but damn tasty) shrimp filling. I've had salt & pepper or curry squid, clams, beef ribs, beef balls, and various buns, spring rolls, and other dumplings. I pass on the stuff like tripe and coagulated blood cakes, but, is that all there is? I've heard about Taiwanese or Shanghai style dim sum but menus I've seen were quite limited. Do dishes vary much between cities? Are there other dishes you have to order?

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