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Dim Sum suggestions in Boston?

julie id | Apr 5, 2000 07:20 PM

This hasn't drawn any response on the Boston board, so I would like to throw myself on the mercy of any Boston-savvy readers on THIS board as well. Thanks in advance.

We've always gone to the same place for 20 years -- the famous one dead center in Chinatown, up the little staircase, across from a parking lot. Does anyone know the name??

A review in the Globe last week held that "Chau Chow" is the best. Is this just an overly ambitious reviewer, or has it indeed replaced the grande (or not-so-grande) dame?? I think I've been there for dinner (that's the one with the 2 mirror branches, right?), but not for dim sum.

Also, has anyone tried it at the restaurant which replaced Moon Villa ("Dynasty", I think)?? I notice lots of signs there advertising it.

Lastly, how is the "presentation" at those other 2 (and any others suggested)?? Do they wheel the carts around, or do either of them just run it off a menu. (Taking visitors -- WANT the pageantry) And is it Sunday only, or also Saturday?? Are there *ANY* in Boston doing it on weekdays as well?? [Don't laugh -- I was shocked to see some 24/7 when I first went to San Francisco.]

Thanks for any info/leads. I am toying with the idea of trying someplace new, especially as I have guests coming.

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