Jim Wong | Sep 17, 200003:31 PM     12

Randy Brooks' post went ignored, and I don't see any others on the subject, so I'll ask again. Anyone?

I have heard alternately House of Hong or China Gate as "the best". Any truth to either, or does the grail lie elsewhere? I have also heard "Top Gun", but we were not impressed.

I am intrigued by China Gate's late-night version, though. 10PM - 2 AM (roughly; depending on info source [even resto is inconsistent], it may also be 9:30 or 11 on start, and somewhere between 1 and 2:30 on finish. I would stick to 11-1 to be "safe"). Full carts and all, I am told.

Hong, on the other hand, runs their regular [lunchtime] version until 5 PM. Although, when we tried it at 4:30, the selection was pretty motley. I think they should wrap it up at 3 if their hearts are not in it for the extension.

Opinions? Leads? Gotta-tries?

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